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...hey, new here, just got me a LJ, although I have so many other journals, such as Blurty...but anywas...been writing lyrics for 2 years, friends say I sorda have a rare lyric writing ability, can make songs within a few minutes, but i don't really care, I writite at my own pace...I'm in a badn called Death and Rebirth, I'm the lead bassist...but anwyays, here is 1 of the latest songs I've written...

"going deep"

Walking on this road
hollow and alone
carrying a load
making presence known
break the silence
free your mind
show defience
yourself you'll soon find

you're goin deep
and all you need to keep
is yourself

Crawling on the ground
broken and bruised
waiting to be found
but is misused
holding on tight
tryin' not to fly
but there shines the light
now it's time to say "good-bye"


and after it all
you still go on
even after every fall
you're still not gone

*choir 2x*
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