the lady, the legend. (xxtaintedlovexx) wrote in tornuppages,
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"Razors are a girl's Best Friend"

Razors can come in handy
for pretty much anything.
They can give you wounds,
and open wounds
Cut your hair,
and rip and tear.
Slit your neck
With one gentle peck.
Cut your lip
if you don't slip.
Befriend your vein,
and give you sweet pain.
Pry open your skin;
The razor will always win.
You don't need diamonds
You don't need pearls
All you need is the love
from your sweet razor, girls.

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Really now? Since when did you start cutting? I think we need to talk if you are.
I don't. I wrote that a while ago. Jut found it.

ok. You better not be. Or I'll have to beat your ass!!
I'm not. I've thought about it, but then I think, what's the point really?

YAY!! Resist the urge!! Dont do it!! PLEASE!!
Hahaha dork, I won't. You have nothing to worry about. I'm tempted at times, but then I just write poems about it.

YAY!! Turn to the pencil....or pen! lol
Or marker!!!

That too!! or a crayon!!! OOO BEAT THAT!
Computer. Hah.
*wins fight*