Fay (who has moved to another journal) (freakinfay) wrote in tornuppages,
Fay (who has moved to another journal)

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"Awaiting a Return"

Dull days linger...with others but alone
Musing on tired memories that grow frail
As I overturn rewind and make stale.
Waiting's all I have...boredom all I've known
You're my final piece. I lost you somewhere.
Fearing for a second I forgot you
I'd scrape my mind to find your residue,
It's all I have to know you're there.
Fingers catch your sparks- I know it is near!
Old thoughts past are left to die, new must strive.
Veins throb, heat swell...in ecstacy- not fear!
How tired I've become but how much I'll thrive
Now I breath to think soon you will be here.
Pleasant hurt but pain means that I'm alive.

It's a traditional love sonnet, rhyme scheme and all. Ten sylables on each line....count 'em if you feel the urge. ;)

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