Tink (boog_a_loo) wrote in tornuppages,

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A Choice Without An Answer

Scared, terrified,
sad, angry,
only silent tears fall.
No sound escapes my lips,
my mind has all the sound,
screaming at me from within.
I feel as though I'm losing my mind,
wandering into a darkened tunnel,
trapped within my own thoughts.
Screaming for them to go away,
to be free from my head.
How these thoughts have made me cry,
how they've hurt me deep in my heart and soul.
I cry now,
because of how I hurt,
the pain has caused me to think awful things.
I'm lost now,
traveling through life alone,
always alone.
Nobody ever by my side.
How fate has cheated me so,
from a family,
from friends,
from that special someone.
But maybe fate didn't cheat me,
maybe it was me,
I cheated myself from the life I deserve.
How horrible can I be?
I don't even deserve what I have,
Now I must suffer life with pain and tears,
or maybe I don't.
I have choices to change my future,
but my question to myself,
do I wish to have a future?
One simple choice,
will tell me the answer.
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