Do you regret all your loneliness? (liftedandlost) wrote in tornuppages,
Do you regret all your loneliness?

Letters to Nowhere

i knew a girl who wore a rose
always pinned high upon her chest
first white then pink then crimson red
then red and red and red again

she never looked the other way
turned left then right then drove on straight
she never hears the thunder of her past

she writes a letter everyday
then mails it off to yesterday
with spiteful words to wave a sad goodbye

she always hears the footsteps of
her lover's stinking bloody tongue
it gives a swift answer to why she said goodbye

she left a message by the phone
for her lover to find, but when he came home
he knew he was already emptied dry

he felt the wind blow warmer when
he knew she was finished with him
he realized all he did was make her cry

now i noticed the second red
was merely white worn after when
the thorns had settled way deep down inside

she writes a letter everyday
then mails it off to yesterday
to tell him why she never said goodbye

he touched her in a fatal way
and made her feel good when he'd say
i'll always hold your head till you're asleep

the last piece of her story is
that he was never like she is
he saw her only through his beveled glass

she writes a letter twice a day
and delivers them to yesterday
writing day and day again
maybe she just wonders
if he'll ever be her friend
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